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If you are considering the best roofing material for your home,  tiles can be the best option. Concrete, clay or slate tiles are extremely durable and significantly outperform most other roofing products such as wood shakes, metal roofing, and asphalt shingle. Depending on the design of your building, regional weather conditions, quality of the roofing tiles and the amount of the routine maintenance, the life expectancy of a roofing tile can range from 30 to 60 years, and can even last longer.

Research has shown that the dimensional and flatness measurements of the tile do not affect its durability. Similarly, research has shown that tiles are freeze-thaw resistance and can withstand freezing and thawing cycles for up to 60 years. However, a professional roofer with enough experience to fix the roofing tiles on the roof to ensure that they have sufficient flexure strength and can resist the wind force that tends to lift the tile at the lower edge of the tile. The minimum standard strength requirement of a fixed tile is 550 N for concrete tiles and 600 N for clay tiles.

Another important factor to consider is the water permeability. Roofing permeability determines whether a tile is porous and water can seep through it or not. Research shows that although the tiles’ strength quietly varies among various brands of tiles, most of them exceed the minimum strength value set by the British Standard. All Plymouth Roofing tiles exceed the water permeability requirements.

Other factors that determine roof durability include various conditions such as timber battens and rafters, roofing nails and quality of installation, underfelt and the quality of the installation. However, based on various researchers, there is a reason to believe that with an expert roofer, tiles can last for up to 60 years. Even in areas that experience a lot of wind, snow, rain and hail.

It has been shown that concrete tiles tend to last longer than the clay and slate tiles. So while selecting the best tile for your home, try to find concrete tile of standard weight and stay away from lightweight tiles as you can. Lightweight tiles are much weaker, and it is hard to walk on without breaking. They are also very susceptible to breakages from heavy snow loads. Although, lightweight tiles than to cost less than the standard weight, in the long run, they cost the standard weight cost. It can be wiser to spend a little more money on structural engineer and standard weight tile to ensure that you attain a more durable roof.

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