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Why We Don’t Recommend Spray Foam Insulation

 Which is your preferred insulation for a building? My bet is your answer is spray foam insulation. This is the likely answer you will get from many people. I mean, who wouldn’t like an insulation that is so easy to use and has been used for decades. It can be sprayed...

How Building Regulations Affects the Roofing Industry

Year in year out, new regulations, standards and best practices are rolled out in the roofing industry. In fact, the changes and requirements have become quite many and roofing contractors are required to adhere to them. To effect the changes and ensure they are...

What Roofing Underlay Should I Use?

“What roofing underlay should I use?” This question is becoming quite common lately. Some time back, underlayment wasn’t used on roofing. However, it has become a compulsory requirement in many regions. But before we answer the question, do you know what underlayment...

How to know when your porch needs a new roof

How to know when your porch needs a new roof? Also refer to Generally, we figure out that we are in need of new roof when there is a leak from the ceiling. These leaks can be the...

How To Slate a Roof

It is very much recommended that you use a fully qualified professional roofer for the slating of your roof. This is a job that needs to be done correctly so that your roof lasts as long as possible, there is no reason for a insufficient job. This blog post describes...

How To Keep Your Roof In Good Condition 

Your roof offers the first line of defense against the weather elements, and it plays a critical role in ensuring that your valuables are protected. The roof also keeps the structural integrity of your home intact as well as ensuring your family’s safety. It is...

What Are The Dangers of Asbestos?

Asbestos Removal Plymouth   Almost everyone at a point has heard of the dangers of asbestos. Even though it did have many pros, its cons, especially to human health, can prove to be very devastating. Knowing the dangers involved with asbestos roofing and other...


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