A roofing company in Plymouth recently shed some light on the value of having experienced roofers do the repairs instead of residents doing their own hacks.

This came into light when one keen customer had asked the experts if it is healthy to place a tile on top of existing but damaged roofing tiles.

It is understandable that engaging in a roof repair or replacement is a costly endeavour and will cut a chunk of thousands in the bank. Especially that currently supplies in materials and people mobility have been limited as commerce has just fully reopened. 

And many residents tried to save some money for themselves instead of spending it on a new replacement in preparation for the change of season.

Although cost-cutting is a rational idea, there are many reasons not to do it. 

Plymouth Roofers list the following reasons why a band-aid solution to your roof will do more harm than keep you safe and warm.

Will Cause More Leaks

The roof is made of several layers before the tiles are laid. There go the insulation and the underlayment before the tiles. Placing a new tile or tiles on top of damaged ones is not healthy for the roof.

Once there was single damage in the tiles, there is a higher possibility of wear and tear from the inner membranes. It is best to remove the damaged or broken tile/s in order to see the condition beneath that. If you cover the old tile without removing it, the moisture levels will increase, and eventually, more problems in the insulation and walls caused by the worsened leaks will occur.

Unleveled roof top surface

Using another tile to seal a damaged part but with the old tile still in place will produce an uneven surface, giving way for air and moisture to pass through the edges. Worse is that the tile beneath will rot in time and affect other roof membranes.


Though it is not every day that you have a view of your roof (depending on where the damage is), the patch is an eyesore from street view. Your roof will look old, patched, and tarnished and is not pleasant to your home’s aesthetics. It may look like a wounded roof.

Will make roof heavier

Adding more tiles over the old and damaged ones will add weight to your roof. And this will cause damage to the roof’s structure eventually. You don’t want further problems when the roof’s foundation has to be fixed or replaced as this will cost you even more.

Nullifies the service warranty

If your roof’s warranty is still in effect, tampering it by placing tiles over the old ones will compromise whatever agreement left you to have in the warranty. Your roofing contractor will not honour the repair if you have inflicted your own damage to your roof.


Whatever plans you may have for your roof, putting new tiles over old ones without ripping off the damaged layers is not a good solution.

Keep these tips and talk to licensed roofing contractors before you do it your own way. For further assistance, you may contact representatives from Plymouth Roofers. Visit their website https://www.plymouthroofers.co.uk or call through their hotline: 01752 967500.

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