Your roof offers the first line of defense against the weather elements, and it plays a critical role in ensuring that your valuables are protected. The roof also keeps the structural integrity of your home intact as well as ensuring your family’s safety. It is therefore very important that you keep it in tip top shape. In this article, we tell you simple roof repair maintenance tips to keep your roof in good condition.

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1. Spot issues early

Your roof can shout that it requires immediate attention and when it does, you must listen carefully. Signs such as leaks or holes are usually indicative of a roof in need of repair. Also, look out for damaged or missing shingles on your roof. If there are any, you will need to act with a lot of speed.

Also, you need to have your roof sealant replaced as required. Inspect all the areas on your roof with a roof sealant and see if there are any wear, tear or crack signs. If you see any of these signs, you have to clear old sealant and apply fresh one.

2. Inspect the roof for rust

If you have a roof that’s been made from metals, it is important to inspect it for any rust. If there are any rust signs, you need to wire-brush affected areas, prime them and finally have the metals painted.

3. Regularly clean and maintain your roofing system

Regularly doesn’t necessarily mean cleaning your roof every day. It is still possible to keep your roof in great condition by having it cleaned once or even twice a year. This, ideally, should be at the beginning start of fall and end of spring. Pay special attention to clearing your gutters, power washing the areas that show moss growth signs and sweeping away debris found on the surface of the roof.

4. Invest in preventive maintenance program

The NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association) strongly recommends that homeowners invest in preventive maintenance programs. Your roofing contractor is the best person to care for your roof and also prevent damage. You can trust your contractor to prolong the life of your roof.

5. Get a professional inspection done at least once a year

Call in an expert roofer once a year to come and take a good look at your roof. Such a person is able to point out problems that may be there and even advise you on the way such problems may be fixed. This also ensures that any problem is identified early and fixed before it gets out of hand.

Other maintenance tips

• Blow off or sweep debris on your roof. Leaves, debris and sticks can damage the shingles and cause growth of algae and finally clog the gutters.
• Trim any branches hanging over the roof as this prevents damage and keeps raccoons and squirrels away from your roof.
• Use a snow rake to carefully remove the snow off your roof as snow accumulation can lead to collapsing of your roof.


We cannot overemphasize the importance of your roof. Not only does it protect you from the elements, but it also offers protection to your family and your valuable possessions. You therefore need to ensure that your roof is in top-notch condition at all times. Take the above maintenance measures and you will see your roof last very long.

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