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Own a house for a long time, and you will have problems. If you acquire an old home and do not renovate or upgrade it, then you will have problems sooner or later. Even for new homes, they can have some structural problems due to exposure to inclement weather. Today, most of the roofing problems are caused by effects of sun rays, rain, heat, ice, snow and even different kinds of debris that accumulate with time. Some other causes of roof damage are poor quality roofing materials and some installation errors.

Some signs that you need roof repairs or replacements are; when you observe leaks from the ceiling, dents or cracks and even missing shingles. However choosing between, roof repair or replacement can be a tricky decision especially when it comes to the nature of the damage. This write-up provides some simple guides on making an informed decision whether to repair or replace.

Making an informed decision

1. Get a professional to inspect the damage- getting a professional roofer is the first choice that you should consider as a homeowner in the event you observe roof damage. The roofer will recommend the best solutions. Plymouth Roofers provide professionals for this job; the expert will recommend either permanent or temporary solution which have a varying cost depending on the nature of the damage.

2. Request for recommendations- to make an informed decision, you can enquire from the roofer and then let him decide. You can suggest to the professional if the problem is fully solved replacement and the roofer support it, then you have no other choice. Many roofing damages are beyond repairs so you must go for a replacement.

3. Cost vs. lifespan- if roof repair can solve the problem, then opt for it, but it is important to consider the cost of the repair and make a decision if the cost is justified based on the life of the repair. For instance, you should opt for a roof repair that does not cost you a lot and has a long lifespan. If the repair is the opposite of this, then it is important that you consider roof replacement instead.

4. Some other indicators that can help you as a homeowner to decide whether you require a roof repair or replacement. For instance, if your roof is more than 20 years old, it could be appropriate if you get professional roofers to replace it. Also, if more than 20% of the roofing tiles are powdery or flaking, replacing them could be the best option.


In summary, the answer to the question whether to do a Roof Repair or Roof Replacement is challenging especially without the help of professionals. In case you need roofing services then Plymouth Roofers are the right choice for you. They provide free roof inspection and flexible repair and replacement costs.

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