Is your firm a member of NFRC? And as a consumer, do you check if your contractor is a member of this association? If your firm isn’t a member then you should read on to find out how you may be losing out. And as a potential service seeker, it’s also worthy to know why it pays to interact with a company that is a member of NFRC.

Who Is NFRC?

NFRC is the acronym of National Federation of Roofing Contractors. It is trade association based in the UK that represents roofing contractors. According to statistics, this association represents more than 70% of the roofing contractors and is the largest in the region. Having being established nearly 120 years ago, the association has affirmed its position as the voice of the contractors. Over the decades, it has seen its membership grow and has been a key player in changing the industry.

How Do Members Benefit?

1. Adherence to the Strict Codes of Conduct: All members of the trade association are required to strictly adhere to the strict code of conduct. This is in line with making certain that the consumers get quality service within the stipulated work framework. The contractor is expected to provide high workmanship standards and follow good business practice.

2. Training Courses: Members enjoy training in different fields as part of improving the industry as a whole. The courses are availed online, through seminars, fairs, publications, and much more.

3. Discounted Industry Publications: NFRC avails publications to the market. Some are specifically targeted at roofing contractors while others offer general information in regard to the industry. As a member, you can access the published at a discounted cost.

4. Free Seminars: One of the key goals of the trade association is to make sure its members are conversant with the latest developments. This is the only way they will be able to offer their customers/clients high quality services and products. To do this, the association occasionally holds free seminars. Members participating have a chance to ask questions, interact with other members, and also learn a thing or two.

5. Technical Advice: The National Federation of Roofing Contractors, UK, is an industrial leader when it comes to rolling out new ideas as well as coming up with new innovations. For more than a century, it has served as a technical advisor for roofing contractors, a role that has earned the firm lots of respect. Members of the association have easy access to the technical team that is readily available. They have an open-door policy that is aimed at making the contractors feel part of the group.

6. Safety Advisory Service: The roofing industry, just like other trades, is faced with many challenges. One of the critical ones is safety. Scaling high heights, working on sloppy, pitched roofs, or stepping on weak or rotten rafters, or decks may lead to the contactor slipping and falling. To minimise the possibility of injuries due to falls or slipping, NFRC regularly advises its members on how to embrace the best safety practices. These include proper harnessing, wearing good work gear, avoiding very slippery surface, and not working in very wet environments.

7. Fast tracking entry to schemes: As a member, you have an easier time joining certain schemes and initiatives. This is made possible by the association’s involvement in the whole process as well as the good reputation it has built over the century.

8. Automatic members of TrustMark: Did you know that NFRC members can automatically become members of TrustMark? This is the only scheme endorsed by the Government for trades within the home.

There you go- the key benefits why you should consider becoming a member of NFRC

The trade association is always adopting the latest techniques and innovating new ways of improving the industry. It offers training to its members through free seminars, workshops, courses, offers advisory services (technical, safety, health…), and its members get automatic membership to TrustMark (the only Government-endorsed tradesmen scheme). It also acts as a regulator and ensures the members not only strictly adhere to the Code of conducts but also provide topnotch services. Did you also know that NFRC is approved by the Government to run Competent Person Scheme, a plan that allows roofing professionals to self-certify for refurbishment work regulations?

As a consumer, you benefit by getting quality services that meet the minimum recommended standards, dealing with well-trained and competent contractors, and also accessing the latest advanced technology. This is more reason to work with a registered member. Plymouth Roofers is a member of the NFRC and offers a range of roofing services. These include new installation, refurbishment, repairs, advisory service and much more.

More information about the firm is accessible via or by calling 01752 967500. Are you also aware that the roofing contractor gives a free quote on any service?

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