Choosing a roofer and what type of roof to put on the house will require some delicate balance between aesthetic and practical decisions. There are different types of roofs, and every one of them has its set of advantages and disadvantages. Based on several considerations, the following are the various types of roofing materials you will have to choose from.

Clay Tiles:

These tiles are made from clay that has been passed through a kiln and has been used for ages throughout the world. They are perhaps some of the oldest types of roofing materials, and they can be extremely durable. Clay tiles come in different colour shades although orange tiles appear to be the cost common colour. The main downside of clay tiles is that fact that they crack and break easily when subjected to any form of pressure. Make sure your roofer


Slate, just like clay tiles, has been around for quite some time now and they are known to last longer than clay tiles especially because they are resistant to breakage. The main colour appears to be grey even though it also comes in a range of other colours. Manufacturers have now come with other roofing products that look like slate that is said to be stronger and have more advantages than the natural slate.


Concrete tiles are also common nowadays because they are thought to provide more benefits than clay tiles or slate. Concrete tiles can give perfect insulation, and they can last quite long; they also come in a range of colours; makers of concrete tiles can manufacture those that resemble slate or clay tiles, and you can choose from a variety of unique colours.


We have traveled a long way since the old days of corrugated steel roofs. The main challenge with steel roofing is the amount of noise they produce especially during the rains, and they are also said to be poor insulators. There are versions that have heat reflecting coatings applied on them in trying to deal with this problem. The one advantage with steel sheets is perhaps the wide range of colours available.

Asphalt shingles:

This has been the arbitrary choice of most homeowners; this may be because they are installed with ease, are perfect insulators and are very resistant to hail and wind damage while they can also be manufactured to be fire resistant.

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The primary reason you have a roof over your house is the protection it provides to you from the elements. The roofing material you choose should be such that it is in harmony with the prevailing climatic and general condition of the area where you live. As an example, you need to consider a material that is fire resistant if you live in an area where the danger of fire is high. If your area is subject to torrential rains or strong winds you should similarly make those considerations in your choice for a new roof. Roofing in Plymouth has to deal with high levels of moisture and the sea air so the correct tiles are needed.

Finding the right company with experience in the roofing business will guarantee the best roof for your home. If you think that your home has suffered storm damage or that your roof is ancient and you have leaks in your home it’s probably time to consult an expert roofing company. Weather and climate exposure from rain, snow, hail, UV rays and the wind can cause damage tiles to rip off your roof or come loose. This can cause leaks in your home, so maintain the structural integrity of your roof keeps damage to your home’s interior at bay.

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