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Almost everyone at a point has heard of the dangers of asbestos. Even though it did have many pros, its cons, especially to human health, can prove to be very devastating. Knowing the dangers involved with asbestos roofing and other asbestos-containing materials is paramount if the repercussions are to be avoided.

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What are the Dangers of Asbestos?

Almost everyone gets exposed to asbestos, be it at work, home, or public spaces. If these products are disturbed, they release tiny asbestos fibers which when breathed in, get trapped in the lungs and stay trapped for quite a long time. Continued exposure results in accumulation of the tiny asbestos particles which cause inflammation and scarring which in turn affects breathing and causes serious health problems.

Here are some primary diseases related to asbestos exposure:


This is a condition caused by heavy exposure to asbestos over a long period of time, mostly several years. Asbestosis causes scarring in the lungs leading to progressive shortness of breath and dry crackling sound when inhaling. If the disease is in its advanced stages, one is at a risk of cardiac failure.

Lung Cancer

Workers exposed to asbestos have very high chances of having lung cancer especially those who smoke. Studies show that these personnel who smoke have a 90 percent chance of developing lung cancer.


This is a rare form of cancer that often happens in the thin membrane lining of lungs, abdomen, chest, and at times the heart. This disease is virtually caused by asbestos exposure. This condition is quite serious as it can affect those working in asbestos mines or factories, people who live with asbestos personnel, near asbestos mining areas, and also those installing asbestos.

As explained, asbestos affects most people but the following are three factors that seem to determine the probability of developing asbestos-related diseases.

1. The duration and amount of exposure: The longer you are exposed to asbestos, the more the fibers enter your lungs and so does the amount of exposure which both increases the likelihood of contracting asbestos related diseases.

2. Age: children of asbestos workers have had cases of mesothelioma just because of exposure from asbestos dust brought on their parent’s or relative’s clothes. Younger people are more likely to contract mesothelioma which is why huge efforts are being undertaken to prevent children from being exposed when in school.

3. Smoking: people who smoke and are exposed to asbestos have a high chance of developing lung cancer compared to those who don’t smoke.

Locations in Plymouth Where Asbestos are May be Found

Many house building materials other than roofs contain asbestos which makes it important for one to know where it can be found or located. It can be at home, work, or even in schools. Asbestos can be in floor tiles and ceiling tiles, electrical insulation, wall panels, asbestos cement, wall and attic insulation, boiler insulation, asbestos paper and millboard and in many other materials and locations.

Why Hire a Professional Roofing Company in Plymouth?

If your home contains asbestos roof or asbestos-containing products it is best that you do not disturb them. Materials which are in good condition pose no threat unless damaged, which can cause the asbestos fibers to enter the air and be inhaled.

To prevent disturbing asbestos, hiring professionals who will inspect your property and inform you if they are in good shape should be a consideration especially if you are planning a demolition or remodeling project.Professional Roofing Companies in Plymouth also equip their workers with protective gear which helps them reduce contamination when handling asbestos.

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