Best Restaurants in Plymouth

A list of the finest places to eat in Plymouth.

Best Restaurants in Plymouth

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The city of Plymouth is an enchanting place to visit. The place holds a fascinating ambience of lively entertainment, shops, and restaurants. Everyone will most likely want the taste of superb dish and the restaurants at Plymouth provides many unique dishes. These meals will be able to make any tourist or visitor to visit the restaurant and taste the foods that are served. It would be a great experience to be able to dine in these restaurants. Those who would eat in the restaurants will be satisfied not only with the food but also with the staff of each restaurant.

The following are the Best Restaurants in Plymouth:

  1. Positano

This restaurant has an amazing atmosphere. The main specialty are the pizzas which is very delicious and most liked by customers because of its fantastic ingredients and authentic flavor.

  1. West Hoe Fish Fryers

If you love seafood, you will definitely will love this restaurant. It has the main menu of yummy seafood dishes that customers would want. The staff and crew are amazing as well.

  1. Quay 33

This restaurant has a list of many specialties that will make everyone’s mouth full. The place is very cozy to eat and hang out. The staff knows how to treat customers and very hands on in serving orders.

  1. The Chancel

If one’s favorite are lobsters and other seafood, this place is the perfect place to be. A lot of specialty seafood serving is available here. Many customer love the place because of its joyful surroundings. Fun and crispy lobster are expected to be eaten by most people.

  1. The Sapphire Bush

The restaurant is not only famous for its excellent catering but also due to the superb dishes that it offers. It is also the perfect place to dine out as well as to held parties or important events.

  1. Chloe’s Restaurant

Famous for its mouthwatering menu, the place is one of the best choices of tourists in Plymouth and other nearby places. This place is perfect to dine in with family and friends.

  1. The Mission

This restaurant is prefect for social or annual gatherings. It has an excellent menu and an amiable staff to serve customers. There are many selection of dishes to choose from that are worth the wait.

  1. Sopha’s Street Food Emporium

This is one of the best restaurants in Plymouth, which provides a wide selection of crab and grilled servings. The place is rich in the delicious grilled cooked meals. One will be delighted to try the amazing foods that are served here.

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