Famous People From Plymouth

A list of celebrities born and raised in Plymouth.

Famous people from Plymouth

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Plymouth is one of the great cities in the South area of Devon, England. It is also the home of famous people who has established a big name in various walks of life.

To mention a few, in no particular order, the following are some of the most popular individuals in the land of Plymouth:

  1. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley– she is a talented actress in her blockbuster movie Transformers: Dark of the Moon. She is popularly known as a versatile model in a famous Victoria’s Secrets lingerie. She has started working with the famous company in November 2009 as a Victoria‘s Secret Angel. Her fame made her appear in the cove of several international fashion magazines like Vogue.
  2. Richard Greene– a versatile actor. He played a major role in the movie The Adventures of Robin Hood. The actor achieved his great fame during the 1950’s. He plays the lead role in the television series “Robin Hood.” With his handsome face, he also has a charming and sparkling personality that has a great appeal to his fans.
  3. Gareth Carrivick– a talented director and the man behind the blockbuster film Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps.
  4. Ron Goodwin– a very talented musician. He was born in the city of Plymouth on February 17, 1925. He is the great son of a policeman in London. When he was a child, he started to perform piano lessons as one of his hobbies. Until the time comes that his talents in music was greatly developed and highly admired by many people, which led him to the list of famous people in Plymouth. With the support of his mother, Ron made a major contribution in the music department.
  5. Tom Daley– a famous English diver who is very good in the 10-metre platform show. His real name is Thomas Robert Daley. He was born in the city of Plymouth. He became a pride of the city when he won the 6th place in the famous FINA Diving World Rankings men’s 10-metre platform set.
  6. David Gwillim– an actor in the hit movie The Island at the Top of the World. He also played the leading role in the British Television series way back in 1970’s. He became famous through his remarkable roles as Prince Hal in the television series including Henry IV Part I, Henry IV Part, to mention a few.
  7. Maggie Steed– a versatile actress in the great movie Pie in the Sky. Her real name is Margaret Baker. She was born in Plymouth, Devon in the year 1946. Playing drama is one of her passions. To pursue her dreams, she graduated in the Old Vic Theatre located in the Bristol.

They are the stars that were born in the land of Plymouth. They are some of the most famous people in Plymouth that brought great pride to the city. This just proves that the city is a land of great artists including actors, actresses, musicians, athletes, directors and other profession. These people are already part of the history of Plymouth. Sooner or later, great individuals coming from the city of Plymouth will be discovered and will soon bring pride to the city.

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